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Grief Tricky Little Fucker card

Grief Tricky Little Fucker card


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Grief is a tricky little f*cker. You can prepare all you want but it still sneaks up on you like a raccoon on garbage day. sending some love.

Grief is a never ending process, made easier with friends and fam who care. Let’s all be a little gentler. (Gentle doesn’t mean you can’t use the f word.)

Each card is handmade with high quality acid-free cardstock using laser-printing, archival adhesive and embellishments. Cards are all blank inside and are shipped with a recycled envelope in an eco plant-based cellophane sleeve.

[card size] 4.25 in x 5.5 in - A2
[envelope color] recycled kraft brown
[envelope size] 4.375 in x 5.75 in - A2
[material] paper
[inside] blank
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